Notice to all my Multiply contact’s

Notice to all my Multiply contact’s

Notice to all my Multiply contact’s who been very sportive,you may know withdrwaing there services from December 2012,i am migarating my site to yahoo,invitation to all contact’s who like my services

can join me on yahoo group,it is hard task to moving all sahring from here to yahoo in order,i have been here with you all nearly 4year,i will giving you best service on yahoo as well,it may take me some time to put everything order & with your support i am willing to do all this,so wish me luck,so i will waiting to some of you ther on yoahoo,iy would be bicer if you all come along there for something diffrent


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MY Best regard to you all,May god send peace upon you
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MultiplycoolistPK Group Welcome all Sisters & Brothers,The topic in this Islamic {Multiply} group are,Islamic website and Islamic Miracles Photo’s and famous Mosque around the world -Arabic Websites and Allies of Mohammad [PUSAW}.Best Asian Recipes Islamic famous Building Brief Illustrated Guide Home Glossary of Islamic Timeline and Concepts Hajj-E-Islam Hadith Latest News Hayy’alaLfalah IN The name of Allah the Beneficent the Merciful Islam 622{AD) Present Miscellaneous Arabic Nasheed&lot more
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The Multiplycoolist group is for the use of individual,person become Member’s may not be used group in connection with any commercial endeavors.harassing other,bad language,swearing